1. Where I can happily say joaje without getting banned because some idiot thought that silencing us was a good idea.
  2. Yes, it involves you making me a sandwich and I playing Fahlout Foah for 10 hours straight, then I will drop you off at your house
  3. oh my poo
  4. 2016 will be the year of loaf and loafy
  5. Wata, go eat a bag of poo
  6. Pixie is still a dongis
  7. Ohey, Polo Field is Wata
  8. Jese I never knew I was Polo Field
  9. (loaffffffffffffffffffffff)
  10. i have no face
  11. gave me cancer like riyita's existence
  12.  !tell CustardTheWikiBird damn, your sis is hot, 10/10
  13. OH-BUSHATABOHOTA-GHBOSHATA -- Custard when he comes back