1. Oizarath Metroin Zinthois!
  2. I had to enter the handling.dat and replace the vehicle settings to the one from the README.TXT & then open the IMG Tool to replace the .DFFs & .TXDs then rebuild archive to install it.. Did that sound nerdy?
  3. Miss Sanrio, thoughts on Miss Sanrio?
  4. Get out.
  5. oh shoot waddup! it dat loif
  6. if u squish the table use APJ
  7. !tell Apj26 Wata needs an ice cold beverage filled with AAAAAAA
  8. !tell Watatsuki I always think of you in the bathroom (that was a dare)
  9. he's too busy fantasizing over Yoshi snoring in text form
  10. whatever u do dont' dare pixie to kiss me
  11. tres is gone from my banner
  12. Ravioli ravioli watatsuki is a weebioli
  13. considering i am an alien and live in a ufo sure
  14. if i were to rate Pixie she'd be today's date 1/22
  15. why are you acting like your diaper is in a wedgie all of a sudden about this??
  16. extra pair of diapers that don't have triggered stains?
  17. jes IS pretty hot
  18. I shall bow down to you, ITippedTheIcebergAndAllIgotWasALousyHelmet
  19. @twinkie thoughts on this spam --> aaaa
  20. That gif of that toilet paper robot is clearly the best idk if i can link it here cuz it contains a mannequin's butt
  21. what's next apj's pregnant? maybe thats why he's so fat
  22. pixie's that type of girl who would turn on red at a no turn on red zone
  23. Pixie's the type of driver to go 61 at a speed limit of 60 zone
  24. Twinkie's the type of guy who would honk at someone that was just getting ready to leave the drive-thru
  25. Pixie's the type of girl who would refuse to give back change
  26. pixie is the type of girl who would say "can i take that to go" at a drive-thru
  27. Twinkie's the type of guy who would eat at the waffle house in the bathroom
  28. pixie's the type of girl who would call for pizza delivery and pick it up
  29. twinkies the type of guy who says a leap year is 365 days
  30. hyper's the type of guy to memorize every hurricane
  31. !tell cpchatbot Wanna make out
  32. Pixie's the type of girl who would pm CPChatbot saying "Oh PLEASE take me out on a date!! I wanna listen to nightwish with you!"
  33. i think the zombie apocalypse occured sometime in january 2017 and went after the admins
  34. My real name is Jaden Jaden MCLillethcane
  35. Who wants to be my valentine
  36. thoughts on the poop emoji we now have @TheNameSomethingPooped
  37. thoughts on Custard saying he has other crushes yesterday (girls in school)
  38. That that is, is. That that is not, is not. That is it, is it not?
  39. apj is an average fatty that everyone is forced to look at custard, jes, and wata always feeding him cake and then he floats into space
  40. Yoshi is an average turd
  41. Custard: ACHOO!
  42. Ah... Ahhhh... AH... AHHHH CHOO!!!!!
  43. apj be like AHHH... AH.. AHH.. Chew~
  44. what if apj26 was an imposter this whole time
  45. wata thoughts on pee?
  46. her: come over custard: can't, I'm riding in a lorry whilst watching Doctor Who. her: i have a tardis Custard:
  47. thoughts on if club penguin did an emoji movie takeover
  48. yo cpwca i found a pic of u irl