1. Qatar got the first line in 2017 chat logs
  2. !tell watatsuki (poop) (poop) (poop)
  3. !tell watatsuki πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©
  4. tfw ur used to apj at the top of chat but u accidentaly pm nub twinkie isntead
  5. watat always got that mlp at heart
  6. elementary school more like cant remember anything we actully did besides play all day
  7. i would but he's on dolangoobytanktoontown break
  8. You weigh a billion pounds
  9. hold onto that thought apj, mumu been swarmin all over the comp today
  10. what if apj randomly died who would b new bcrat
  11. sell ur tenshi posters for candy
  12. t-wa-ink-E, t-wa-ink-E, t-wa-ink-E, t-wa-ink-E
  13. top 5 fav tofus twinkie
  14. !tell watatsui wait are these shop pics for mainspace use or for u
  15. dont u think watat looks like mr mime from a distance
  16. !tell apj26 dr who and st SUCKS
  17. !tell custardthewikibird i hope u get eaten my nyc rats
  18. ill spell ur name p-o-o-p
  19. !tell custardthewikibird
  20. HUMP DAY
  21. twinkie how many tornadoes have u been picked up into while showering
  22. twinkie irl!!!???
  23. tbh ppl who do that belong in a ditch the beepers
  24. did u witness the creation of the universe while u were in kindergarten
  25. no links that contain inappropriate language, except for dank memes
  26. vic feels like hes flying when hes 2 feet off the ground
  27. gfdsgddsg laggg helpppp
  28. ur mumus a spam helpppp
  29. !tell watatsuki
  30. i think wikia is pooping test
  31. apj is the lead hacker of the Club Penguin
  32. u know its not april fools since they took away the ability to buy membership
  33. mickey mouse does not enjoy losing money
  34. my mumu has turned into kawkeet
  35. is egret luigi
  36. is ur cat also a raccoon
  37. NO i clicked a favorite bar link by mistake and logged off :C
  38. what is megg an o berry bush
  39. ok i can watat is gonna be a major nubasaurus
  40. !tell watatsuki you deaf muffin!