1. Hey, a clown became president of the United States
  2. I would rather have a nuclear apocalypse if it means Britain being destroyed
  3. Imagine launching every nuke we have at Britain
  4. the UK should join the United States or have 1,000 nukes launched at it
  5. friday the 13th is when the queen dies and england goes into a major war with france
  6. canada doesnt exist
  7. cats are satan in disguise
  8. my cat pulled everything off the table once
  9. What if frogs are actually evil animals that will rise up to takeover Earth, but easily being defeated by Cars?
  10. Canada? You mean Northern United States, right?
  11. whats spongebob
  12. imagine jumping out of a plane, but you end up falling in the sky and never touching the ground
  13. what if trump becomes the emperor and discovers a way for him to become immortal
  14. Would you rather become Donald Trump or the 1st Emperor of Earth
  15. everyone on this wikia never been able to make real friends
  16. twinkie thoughts on world war 64,000
  17. would you rather never eat toast again, or your last name be hitler
  18. would you rather never be able to go on the internet or be a dictator @twinkie
  19. Trump: Come over Her: No or else I will call the police Trump: lol who cares???
  20. so you would be okay with a british cat doctor tbh i would watch that if the doctor was a cat