1. Wata pls, get off the wiki while you're in the shower
  2. I wonder what Watatsushi is up to
  3. Paint me like one of your Ember paintings
  4. Wata help, I'm transforming into P-P
  5. Guzzlord = gluttony
  6. I believe Wata identifies as SpongeGar
  7. Yup, you go tit
  8. That's right, keep your spicy memes out of main chat
  9.  !tell Watatsuki 💩💩💩💩💩💩
  10.  !destroy Watatsuki
  11. gobbledygook
  12. bobbledybook
  13.  !tell Watatsuki Classic Jess. If it's not how he wants it, then it's not right.
  14. Oh hey, Cammiii came back from another dimension to type something in chat
  15. I think Jes earns the title for chef tonight

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