1. Sharkz, what's the best? Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, or Spock?
  2. It's gonna have Shrek, Cory, and Barry to complete the gang
  3. Have you guys seen my signature weapon: the Imagination Blade? It's the overpoweredest thing in existence. It can even kill Saitama and Goku!
  4. Not until you hagel Shurow
  5. Fire86743 drinks an overwhelming amount of handwash
  6. The shurow zebra
  7. A toilet is where you poop
  8. A toilet is a machine that you poop in
  9. A toilet is the special machine that, once pooped or peed in, must be flushed. This will create a mini-whirlpool that sucks up your pee and poop and takes it to space
  10. You'll begin to smell bad. If you keep doing it a lot, you'll smell as bad as Justin Bieber
  11. You're such a gigantic samurai! You've got such a LONG haircut to get since you literally have SSJ3 hair!
  12. You now know the story of JB, now you have to survive his eschatology
  13. @Sharkz I'm sorry, but that is beyond my power. Justin Bieber is a ghost that I hate so much, I regret making him curse you forever.
  14. somebody help, Justin Bieber is cursing me too
  15. Fire86743 prays to Shurow for a cure. 1 hour later, Justin Bieber leaves my soul forever
  16. Since you're a twinkie, have you ever experienced your friends and family being eaten by humans?
  17. !tell CPChatBot Sharkz wants to kill you now. Will you destroy his evil underwater base with your flamethrowers, even though it's guarded by alien sharkz?
  18. Suddenly, a spooky scary skeleton sends shivers down sharkz' spine. It walks towards him menacingly. It picks him up and opens it's mouth. "DON'T DO IT!" Sharkz screamed. But then, the skeleton swallowed him up. Then, inside, was the eternal hell that Sharkz experienced.