1. Jack, I'm your best friend. is that ok with you?
  2. I actually forgive you even though I'm not from this wiki... but pfft. I'm disguised as a penguin.
  3. But i would be ok if club penguin wiki removed the memes...
  4. Oh. Polo Field is dead?! really?
  5. Wait, Who's Krystalite?
  6. so um... Watatsuki is liking me
  7. Ehh... Mario and Club Penguin is in the same universe???
  8. Watatsuki...? What was your relationship with me be like?
  9. Goodnight, my sweetheart... @Watatsuki
  10. Undertale should be in the same sentence as Club Penguin... >_> both there becoming old news
  11. I know watatsuki is scared when it comes to Perapin
  12. Do you guys think that Club Penguin wiki is cringe and embarrassing?
  13. Does The Expired Milk Really Explode right now?
  14. John Cena becomes a Pokemon now?